Get That Shit

Not yo mama’s motivational pep talk.

Some people struggle with rolling out of bed every morning or driving to work or deciding what they want to be when they grow up (they’re only 35-years-old).

Sometimes, it’s just really hard to pull our selves up by our figurative bootstraps. We’d rather say “fuck these stupid ass boots and whoever made them.”

I know. I feel like that sometimes (all the time), so I thought I’d share with you what I say to myself during those times when I need some healthy motivation.

Wake yo punk ass up.

This is not the time to be pussyfooting around. Stop doubting yourself. Stop denying yourself. Stop corrupting your beautiful-ass spirit with those down-ass thoughts.


Look up towards those distant stars and say “that’s where I want to go” and mean that shit.

Nothing and no one is above your standard or out of your league. The only league is the one of legends and baby, you’re making history everyday that you breathe.

You got the juice. Flavor that shit any way you please and serve it to the best customer. Stop settling for fuckboys.

Stop looking down at your feet all sad and shit. The only time you need to be looking down is if you’re enjoying the walk or smelling the flowers or in those deep-ass beautiful-ass thoughts.



Stop worrying about what a hating-ass person has to say.

If they don’t want to see you shine. Fuck them. If they don’t want to see you improve. Fuck them. If they refuse to accept the person you are today because they only want to acknowledge the incomplete being you were yesterday. Mothafuck them.

People that refuse to see your growth are mad cause y’all came from the same place, but you’ve elevated while they’ve remained the same.

Hating asses.


If they don’t want to see you drink water, grab that Voss, that Evian, that Spring Water and gargle in they mothafuckin face.

Then spit that shit out at them cause clearly their hating asses are thirsty for what you got.

Stop worrying about the future, you got this shit.

The struggle isn’t deciding what you want to do with your life, it’s deciding what you want to do first. Be a teacher, be a writer, be a stripper, be a flight attendant, be an electrical engineer, be a magician, be the president. Just be. You got it.

And if it just so happens that you’re unable to become whatever you wanted to be in life, fuck it. The journey was more important than the destination anyway cause you got to learn some shit. Learning shit is the important part.

Do what you want cause you popping.

Do that thing you wanted to do. Go to that place you wanted to go. Wear that fit you wanted to wear. Fuck your insecurities. Your flaws and those scars tell your story. Those stretch marks and that belly fat is sexy. I know somebody who likes it.

Walk around like you own the air you breathe cause you do. You’re the damn chieftess of this village that is your life. You made your world, now live that shit. You exist. You are important. You are light. You belong here. Never forget.

Stop making excuses.

There might not be a tomorrow to do that thing. People are dying. Live like every chance will be your last. Make every opportunity count for something. Build a relationship. Get into a new avenue. Learn some more shit. Learning shit is important.

Stop stressing the small shit cause everything is small shit.

Stop going about life worrying about things out of your control. We can’t decide fate. We can’t bring back the dead. We can’t control how people think about us or view us or treat us, but we can control how we view ourselves.

Love yours. Wholly. Completely. Immensely. Daily. In spite of. No such thing as a life that’s better than yours.


When everything seems too big and too much, look at the stars. Look up at that vast darkness and remember that the universe is so big, you’re looking into the past when you’re stargazing. Those billions of stars don’t give a fuck about your stresses, his stresses, her stresses, their stresses. They just exist, and they're bigger than all of that shit.

Be free.

In the words of your wise grandma:

Get up, stand up, wake up, pray up, eat up, live up.

If you can’t do that, just shut your punk ass up and get that shit.

Thanks for reading. Hope you feel motivated go run a marathon or some shit.

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