Black women don’t like you cause you’re crusty, not because you’re nerdy

Clear the flakes off your skin before you try to come for black women. 

It won’t stop. My social media is filled with men claiming black women don’t go for the “nerdy” type and that’s the reason why nerdy black men only date white women. “Black women only go for thugs and hood types and that’s why” blah blah blah.

First of all, shut the hell up.

It seems like “nerd” has replaced “good guy” in this never-ending debate about what black women are doing wrong when it comes to dating. Ever think that maybe YOU are the problem huh? HUH? 

Crusty ass self-proclaimed nice guys think they are entitled to women just because they don’t call women bitches (to their face) and ugly ass nerdy men think women are turning them down cause they like anime but really it’s cause you musty. 

You know why black women don’t like you in particular? Cause you dirty. You don’t wash that marvel shirt you’ve been wearing for 2 weeks and you haven’t showered since Fortnite was released.

Okay. Maybe you have decent hygiene. Black women still don’t like you and you’ve convinced yourself it’s cause you are a nerd. Have you ever thought that maybe you’re just not her type (as in ugly)? 

Men are not entitled to women (any woman). It doesn’t matter if you are a nerd, nice guy , or drug dealer. If you want to date a black woman, be a decent person, wash your face, and don’t be socially inept. Try it and see how that works out for you. 

Stop thinking black women don’t like you just because your interests are different. Most of us like someone that can teach us something new or show us something different. If for the life of you, you can’t get a black woman to love your nerdy ass I advise you to put your nose under your armpit and take a deep breath. Was it ripe? There’s your answer right there.