All Saiyans Go to Heaven


Powerful, flawed, genuine, and always late. When you think about the famous Saiyan Goku, these words come to mind. These words also come to mind when you think about Tyrell aka “The Finesse god.”

Just like Goku, Tyrell was powerful. People were awed by his artistic talent and drawn towards his energy. If his artistic ability had a power level it would probably be equivalent to Trunks during the Cell saga. Not the strongest in the universe, but you knew that wasn’t his limit. Hella potential. You were excited to see little Trunks grow up.

Tyrell was also very flawed. He had a dark side, similar to the Saiyans. He had to battle his darkness everyday. He had to fight against himself to become the Finesse god we all knew.

Unlike Vegeta, Tyrell didn’t think he was the best. No matter how much people believed in him or told him he was great, he wouldn’t listen. He just trained. He worked day in and day out on his craft. There were moments when I would go days without seeing him, and when I finally visited him, he had 3 or 4 new art pieces hanging in his house. He worked so much he didn’t need a hyperbolic time chamber.

If you knew him, you probably have never met a more genuine person. He always had a goofy smile plastered on his face. He told you how he felt, and always tried to be welcoming and warm.

Although he was often a warm energy to be around, he was not always friendly. He was genuine because he didn’t try to hide his darkness from you. He was a Saiyan that still had his tail attached. You loved him anyway. He would always tell you when the full moon was coming around.

Tyrell was also genuine in his portrayal of Master Roshi. He loved the ladies. Period. Unlike Master Roshi the ladies loved him back. He was still a perv though.

Goku was known for being late to battles. I can’t think of one DBZ saga where Goku was on time to fight the enemy. Much like Goku, Tyrell was late to everything. He worked on his own schedule. He would tell you that he was on his way when in reality, he was still sitting at his computer working on a design.

We don’t have dragon balls or Shenron to wish him back. We don’t have King Kai to help us communicate with him from the heavens. What we do have is our memories and his legacy.

Although we will miss him, it’s nice to think that our Saiyan is running on Snake Way, getting ready for his next adventure.

Just like you did on earth brother, keep working hard, don’t fall off that path, and show them why you earned the name “Finesse god.”

KV ThompsonComment