Men, Please Stop Leaving My Damn Passenger Seat Back

I was late picking him up because I was busy taking my time getting ready. I stopped by the gas station by his house first to pick up some chips and juice cause I be needing snacks. When I finally arrived to his place about an hour after I told him I was on my way, I text him to come outside and got lost in the music blaring from my Honda’s little speakers.

I didn’t notice him walk up to the car until he opened the door and got in. I turned the music down to say what’s up, and that’s when I saw it.

He said something before I could get a word out to defend myself.

“You had a nigga in your car?”

Caught. Captured. Indictable.

My passenger seat was left leaning all the way back by the previous rider in my car. I didn’t notice it was left back until the current passenger was uncomfortably and forcibly thrown into a laid back seating position that is not typically his own.

He adjusted the seat to an upright position, then adjusted it to his perfect 130 degree angle, instead of the absurd, yet relaxing, 150 degree angle it was in previously.

I waited to see if he would say anything else. He didn’t, so I just responded “aw” and put the car in reverse before pulling off.

Attention men that ride in my car. Stop leaving my damn seat back when you get out.

What game are yall trying to play? Are you trying to let it be known that you were in our car? Is this equivalent to dogs pissing on fire hydrants to mark their territory, or women leaving panties at your house, or kids leaving toys in the middle of the yard?

Are men leaving our seats back to communicate with the next guy that he was there?

It’s cool if you want to let your seat into a comfortable position while riding around with your female companion, but let it up before you get out. Are you the FEDs? Why are you trying to let someone know you were in my car?

Leaving a woman’s seat back is worse than leaving your flip-flops at her house, or a pack of backwoods in the cup holder. You claim to hate snitches but steady dry-snitching in the form of a laid-back car seat.

Passenger seats being left back wouldn’t be a problem if men didn’t automatically assume it meant you were getting your yams tapped by whoever was in your car last. It’s just not true, but also, sometimes, it absolutely is. So let’s just stop being messy and let the damn seat up.

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