One Minute We're Laid Up, And The Next Minute You're Playing Me Like A Crusty

Dating as a millennial sucks. First of all, I can’t even spell millennial without looking it up. Second of all, dating in this world is total trash. In a previous post I talked about how I am the trash-bag in some of my intimate relationships, which is true, but sometimes I’m not.

Dating as a millennial is meeting someone, getting to know them, being around each other so much that yall end up laid up watching Netflix and eating popcorn every night, to not even speaking in public.

How is this happening? How is it that you talk to someone, and once you start liking them, they ghost. Or you kick it with someone and share intimate experiences and think it’s about to turn into something serious, then they end up saying it’s not even like that (damn that’s me most of the time).

One thing I hate more than anything is getting played like a crusty. I feel like I have too much chip in my dip and too much wet in my drip to be played like a flaky ass hoe. Unfortunately, I have come to realize that I, too, may be a crusty to someone.

It was a hot summer night. I spotted him across the room and decided to shoot my shot. I walked over and stood next to him as he continued to contemplate the abstract art-piece on the wall before us.

I looked at him and smiled, he finally noticed I was standing next to him. I said, “You want to know something funny? I’ve been looking at you like you’ve been looking at this art. I think I want to know you.”

We kicked it like crazy after that. For months we were hanging out, going on dates, talking on the phone for hours. We were like those headass memes with people on the phone hanging out of windows or laying on top of kitchen stoves. I was lowkey still anti-relationship, but I was actually willing to see what would happen between us cause our chemistry was like that. It was all good, then out of nowhere, it wasn’t.

Calls were shorter and quality time was becoming non-existent. I can read the signs, so I planned to fall back, that is, until he called me asking if we can meet up. He swooped me up and took me to an ice cream shop down the street. I’ll just say, I haven’t had ice cream since then.

Dating is trash. Half of us are in relationships and the other half already dated each other or dated each other’s friends. We are stuck in this perpetual cycle of laid up to love sucks. I don’t know how to break this cycle of trash dating. I’m just going to try to start with stopping my own trash habits, and you should too.